Bicycle Series 1800


Yet another deck by Bicycle made by the US Playing Card Co. What is neat about these decks is that they look well used and perhaps antique. Now a real card aficionado would know that truly old cards would not have numbers or the small pips to go with them and the cards themselves would not have rounded corners.

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Tally-Ho Viper


Tally-Ho is a brand owned by the US Playing Card Co and as of late has become less popular with the regular consumer. The opposite can be said for those in the magic and cardistry realms as they have become quite popular and collectable. The decks often come in circle and fan-back designs. They usually come in a blue or red back design but rare productions of green and black do exist.

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More Decks to Come

I have some more decks to come but will post them next time I can. They are more custom decks and I think anyone reading this will enjoy the designs on these.

In the meantime I would encourage you to check out SaCProductions101 on Youtube. She has great reviews on all the latest collectible cards and some of which you will see featured on this website as well.

I am not affiliated with her but I respect her reviews and want to share them with you. Enjoy!

Aristocrat Linen Finish


Aristocrat cards are well known for their quality and can often be found in casinos wearing casino logos and custom faces. These Aristocrats are the standard linen finish available to the public. Of course you can get a hold of the casino Aristocrats that have been used in play and sometime even unopened. I have always love the feel of the Aristocrat cards and they are prized among the best cardists.

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Bicycle Standard



The United States Playing Card Company has been producing Bicycle playing cards since 1885 and has been producing high quality cards ever since. These in particular are the newer standard cards that are produced in Erlanger. KY. Some playing card collectors prefer the cards that were made in Ohio before Bicycle’s move to Erlanger, KY. I personally do not have any that were made in Ohio so I cannot compare. I do have some Bicycle cards of the older design but they were produced in Erlanger, KY for the International Playing Card Company in Richmond Hill, ON (A Canadian Subsidiary of the US Playing Card Co.).

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