Aristocrat Linen Finish


Aristocrat cards are well known for their quality and can often be found in casinos wearing casino logos and custom faces. These Aristocrats are the standard linen finish available to the public. Of course you can get a hold of the casino Aristocrats that have been used in play and sometime even unopened. I have always love the feel of the Aristocrat cards and they are prized among the best cardists.

Above is a view of the box, face and backs of these cards.

The box is beautiful. The seal, name, and border are embossed. On the back it shows the design of the card backs.

The card backs are really nice as well featuring a sort of continuous wavy finish.

The jokers are standard for Aristocrats as is the Ace of Spades. The card faces including the court cards are standard bicycle designs but the court cards have deeper colours and the yellows are more of a golden colour.

The Linen finish glides a little more freely than the Bicycle air cushion finish and makes for good flourishing. Cuts are made a little harder as there is very little friction produced between cards. Farrowing is good though. I enjoy these on a good card table playing Euchre or poker.


BACK – 6.5/10

FRONT – 6.5/10

FINISH – 7.5/10

Buy? If you are a serious card player or again a cardist for sure. I like these even for their look in their case as they look nice in a collection.

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