Bicycle 125th Anniversary Edition


Bicycle celebrated it’s 125th anniversary in 2010 and to share with everyone this fact they released a commemorative edition of playing cards in blue and red. Now typically you can get these in matte red and blue in stores but I have the metallic finish versions. and they are really nice to look at. The cards have a unique design and finish.

The pictures above illustrate the box, face and back designs.

The box features a few design elements from the original 1885 Bicycle deck along with, in my case, the metallic colour finish. It looks really great in that finish. The back of the case features the back design of the cards.

The backs of the cards feature a vintage design. I am not sure if this is the original design that was available or just a previous vintage design that they had. It is a good design though and I prefer it over the standard rider back.

The faces are all unique with uniquely designed pips. Below each pip and number combination the year 1885-2010 is printed vertically. The pips on the court cards are smaller and the court pictures are much larger than a standard Bicycle deck. Also each has a blue border indicating that it’s part of the 125th anniversary deck.

The finish on the cards are the standard air cushion finish put on all Bicycle decks but I’ve found it to be a bit glossier than normal. The inks are more vibrant and rich on all the cards as well. The stock is standard Bicycle stock and handle just as well as a normal rider back deck.


BACK – 6.5/10

FRONT – 7/10

FINISH – 7/10

In my opinion these cards a definitely worth it. Pick up some if you can while they are still in print. You won’t be disappointed.

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