Bicycle Standard



The United States Playing Card Company has been producing Bicycle playing cards since 1885 and has been producing high quality cards ever since. These in particular are the newer standard cards that are produced in Erlanger. KY. Some playing card collectors prefer the cards that were made in Ohio before Bicycle’s move to Erlanger, KY. I personally do not have any that were made in Ohio so I cannot compare. I do have some Bicycle cards of the older design but they were produced in Erlanger, KY for the International Playing Card Company in Richmond Hill, ON (A Canadian Subsidiary of the US Playing Card Co.).

Pictures above illustrate the box, face and back designs.

Most people have played with a standard Bicycle deck so I won’t get too in depth with this description of these decks.

The boxes are identical in design as you can see. The gold border is slightly metallic and the colour of the deck is indicated by the colour surrounding the Bicycle logo and the word standard.

The deck does come with two advertising cards from Bicycle and all the faces and backs are standard for the rider back cards.

The air cushion finish is just as good as ever giving a nice glide to dealing, good fanning ability and cuts are decent as well.

These are some of the best all around decks you can buy for gaming, cardistry and you will often see these as the standard cards magicians use for their magic tricks.


BACK – 4/10

FACE – 4/10

FINISH – 7/10

Only reason the back and face get lower marks is the design is very common though being unique to Bicycle.

So buy? Well if you don’t already have a deck of these cards I would say it’s worth it especially if you are using a cheap deck and never experienced the feel of a Bicycle deck.

6 thoughts on “Bicycle Standard


    1. Wow! That certainly sounds like a unique deck. To be honest I am unsure where I would start to look for this deck. You may want to ask around on the forums. Perhaps make a user on United Cardists (just search Google/Bing for United Cardists). Some one on that website may be able to help. Please let me know how your search goes!

  2. Bicycle playing cards totally suck. Upon opening the deck I discovered that they print their logo on all the aces! That’s so stupid, I should have the right to enjoy a card game without my game being an advertisement. On top of that, one of the Jokers has their product guarantee written on it, meaning they are so damn cheap that they’d rather deface one of the Jokers than just print another card with that on it. What if I want to use that Joker? I’d have to look at that every time. The reason I bought these cards was to be a deck for a poker game within a fantasy role playing game I’m playing with my friends. The cards were supposed to just be generic cards that look like they could have existed in olden times; the logos all over the cards totally take me out of that fantasy. Just have the aces be aces like a real card company, not mini advertisements.

    1. I hear you there. Though I would have recommended a bit more research. There are thousands upon thousands of playing card decks out there with different designs.

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