Cartamundi ACE Authentic Plastic Playing Cards

DSCF0001Cartamundi has been around since 1765 and has been producing playing cards every since. For the most part they are known for making very good quality casino cards now but they also make a range of plastic cards that are made in the United States and some cheap cardboard base plastic coated cards that are made in China.


The cards I have today are the ACE Authentic Plastic Playing Cards. These cards are easily available at most big box stores that sell playing cards. These were purchased at Wal-Mart.


Pictures above illustrate the box, card backs and card faces.

The box is actually pretty nice for at first glance what you may expect to be discount cards (around $4.00 CAD). The ACE logo and all the silver coloured bits are metallic and to indicate what colour deck is inside the border is either blue or red.

When you open the decks you see the backs of the cards. The design is pretty great until you get to the planes. I would have left them out in my opinion but still they look pretty good.

The deck itself is a standard fifty-two card deck with three jokers. The jokers are fully coloured and one joker is holding a king of hearts. The ace of spades is pretty nice. There is actually some gray shading on the ace behind the plane flying through and out of the spade.

The numbers on the face cards are of a much larger index. In fact they are so large that I’d almost say that they jumbo index cards. Turns out that Cartamundi likes them printed that way and that’s OK with me as that makes it different from standard Bicycle cards.

The court cards are pretty nice and the colouring is very nice. These cards are not glossy so the colours on the cards turn out a little duller than you would see on a standard finish Bicycle.

One of the things you will notice when you open the pack and play with the cards a little the finish on the cards doesn’t glide as well for dealing or doing fancy flourishes but cuts seem to survive. Also you will notice that they have a weird burnt plastic smell to them that isn’t noticed during gameplay but you can smell it on your hand for a little bit after using the cards.

Even with the different finish I really like to play with these cards for just regular table games. Playing my favourite table game Euchre they played well and happy to report that they didn’t clump at all after a couple hours of play.


BACK – 4/10

FACE – 6/10

FINISH – 5/10

So are they worth it? For the price yes if you are planning to use them for playing games and not so much cardistry.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Cartamundi ACE Authentic Plastic Playing Cards

  1. I also picked these recently. I currently have an assortment of plastic cards for our card nights (I have decks from Fournier, Desjgn (, Marion, and Bicycle Prestige, and will probably get some Four52 cards (from, and these are decent. They are thinner than some of my other decks, but the number sizing is excellent for something like Texas Hold’em, as it is between the regular index and the jumbo index found on most jumbo decks. The only thing I can’t get over is the smell…it’s much stronger than on other decks I have. Still, I’ll have to try them at our next game to see how they play compared with our normal cards of choice (Prestige), but I have high hopes for them.

    1. Yeah. I’m pretty happy with these but I haven’t had a chance to try the prestige decks from bicycle. Have other decks coming though not plastic.

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