Monarchs High Quality


So for my first Theory11 deck review I have the Monarchs High Quality playing cards. I chose to do this one first because it’s not one of my necessary favourites but it is a well made deck compared to others I have seen. The design and finish are beautiful on the box and the for the most part on the cards too.

Pictures of the backs, faces and box designs.

To start if it weren’t for a few things with this deck this would be an absolute favourite of mine but there are a few issues.

The box is fantastic and really brings out the feel I think Theory11 was going for. All the areas in gold are embossed looking like some kind of gold inlay. At first the red seal looks out of place but now I actually really like the red seal.

The back of the cards were a bit of disappointment. I was expecting perhaps some gold with the blue and maybe no border. Neither were the case. The filler colour is a very deep blue but and matches the pattern on the back of the Monarchs case.

The jokers are modern classical takes on the original bicycle joker and in gold. The Ace of Spades is simple but with a somewhat ornate golden crown design inside it. The faces and court cards are standard bicycle designs but the court cards have gold instead of yellow on them. Very much like Aristocrats.

Finish wise the deck is very similar to an Aristocrat as well but supposedly a Premium 909 finish by Theory11. They feel very much like Aristocrats regardless. I’m not sure on the actual stock but it also feels like Aristocrat.


BACK – 5/10

FACE – 5.5/10

FINISH – 7/10

Buy? If you are a serious collector then yes but if you are just planning on playing games with the cards I would say no. They are just about seven dollars a deck and a standard Bicycle will do just fine.

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