Bicycle Series 1800


Yet another deck by Bicycle made by the US Playing Card Co. What is neat about these decks is that they look well used and perhaps antique. Now a real card aficionado would know that truly old cards would not have numbers or the small pips to go with them and the cards themselves would not have rounded corners.

Pictures above illustrate the design of the piece.

First thing I would like to say is I love the design of this deck. At first I didn’t understand what other people were thinking when they praised this deck but I understand now. The texture inking on all the cards are different and let me tell you from more than five feet away could look old to ones eyes. My favourite is the Queen of Spades. Love it. Ellusionist did a great job with the artwork.

The back design is the same on every card but it is not reversible so if you plan on using the deck for tricks keep that in mind. Essentially the design is just the same as a standard rider back but has that distressed look.

The face designs are great especially on the court cards. Like I said, I love the Queen of Spades. Love the faces.

The finish and stock are standard Bicycle fare and handle as such.


Back – 7.5/10

Face – 8/10

Finish – 7/10

Buy? If you can get a hold of these DO IT!

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