Tally-Ho Viper


Tally-Ho is a brand owned by the US Playing Card Co and as of late has become less popular with the regular consumer. The opposite can be said for those in the magic and cardistry realms as they have become quite popular and collectable. The decks often come in circle and fan-back designs. They usually come in a blue or red back design but rare productions of green and black do exist.

Above you can see the box art and main cards of the deck.

This is the Tally-Ho Viper produced by Ellusionist and is special in its own regard. The silver on black design really is nice. A note to make though is that the box is not embossed in any way. The pictures somehow seem to make it look that way.

As we get to the back design you can see it’s a standard circle back design but in silver on black. The silver is only slightly metallic in nature.

The face cards are all silver on black as well. The pip designs and court cards are all standard Bicycle designs.

The finish is good on these cards. This is one of the few decks that you can still get with the UV500 air-flow finish. I would rate that finish somewhere between an Aristocrat linen finish and the performance finish on some other cards. Now some may disagree but I think the reason it isn’t better in my opinion than the performance finish is the extra ink all over the card. They just don’t seem to slide quite as well as the performance finish. Fans are good but there isn’t a whole lot to see fanned.

The stock is a little harder than a typical Bicycle deck though I think that can also be attributed to the extra ink all over the cards. They perform well though and stand up to use.


Back – 7.5/10

Face – 6/10

Finish – 8/10

So buy? Absolutely! A regular Tally-Ho deck may meet your needs a little better but for the dramatic effect created by these cards I highly recommend them.

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