1001 Aladdin Playing Cards

The Aladdin decks have also been around for awhile but ever since the USPCC moved to Erlanger Kentucky they have been out of print thus making these much more valuable than the STUD cards from the same variety box.

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STUD Playing Cards *UPDATE*

Amongst the variety box encore I received from Dan and Dave was a pack of STUD playing cards of the blue variety. They are produced for Walgreens as it says on its pack. STUD cards have been produced on and off for years now and though I’m not sure they are really rare enough to be in a variety box they certainly are a treat to Canadians that don’t have easy access to these cards.

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New Cards in and on the Way

Got some new decks in and on the way including the new Madison Players which I am really liking. Received a variety box encore from Dan and Dave. Have some altruism decks and crown decks coming from the blue crown. Also some tally-hos and my first smoke and mirrors v6 deck.

All these decks are going to get a quick and fair review.

Good news is my card handling skills are improving so I can get a little more in depth.

Until then have fun!

Cards and Cardistry

IMG_0226I’ve been playing around with different kinds of playing cards and have to say that initial impressions are still pretty well bang on. I would like to say that the ACE Authentic Plastic Playing Cards are fantastic for springs. A lot of fun with that. Still this deck is really just for playing games and with the smell they give off and it sticking to your hands after a while doing much cardistry handling would be a bad thing.

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Bicycle Robocycle


As you can see Bicycle has made plenty of their own deck designs and it never ends. This isn’t a bad thing however as they are still coming out with unique decks worthy of the Bicycle name.

In this case Bicycle has come out with the robocycle deck. I am not sure where they came up with the name for the deck but it does fit the circuitry and some of the design of the deck.

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