Bicycle Robocycle


As you can see Bicycle has made plenty of their own deck designs and it never ends. This isn’t a bad thing however as they are still coming out with unique decks worthy of the Bicycle name.

In this case Bicycle has come out with the robocycle deck. I am not sure where they came up with the name for the deck but it does fit the circuitry and some of the design of the deck.

Above you can see the design of the box and cards.

This deck is not as standard as I expected. Mind you the pips are all standard design but the similarities in the deck to a standard/rider back deck end there. There are two colours available for this deck – black and the light gray blue I have pictured. The black suits are not black but match the colour on the box. The court cards are pretty unique in they have robot-esque looking. Perhaps a little art deco. The designs remind me of some of the old robots you would see on old science fiction TV shows.

I really like the back design. I’m not sure if I want to put out the cash for “The Grid” deck so the design works for me and costs a quarter of the deck price.

The cards come on a standard Bicycle stock and with their standard Air-Cushion finish. I think these cards could do for a Theory11 edition with a magic coating and perhaps a Tally-Ho stock but they are OK they way they are.


BACK – 8/10

FACE – 7.7/10

FINISH – 7/10

Should you buy these? Well they are nice cards but if all you are doing is playing card games I don’t recommend them. In certain lights the blue gray colour of the black suits are hard to see and can be distracting in their metallic ink. These are really suited for Magic and Cardistry. Buy if you are one of those or a collector.

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