RJRTC “Watermelon”


These decks designed by the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company are becoming extremely rare and expensive. They come in two colours – the blue I have here and the red that I do not have.



The only real unique parts of this deck include the box, seal and back design (which itself is featured on both face sides of the box). The design is pretty awesome though. It looks like a painting that someone mirrored four ways. I really like the colours and wish I had a red RJRTC to see that design. The box itself is pretty devoid of any writing. It has the back design on both faces and suit pips on the sides. The seal is very unique however in that it is a “Bee” seal. You don’t even see those on “Bee” decks nowadays so that was a real treat and almost a shame to break to get into the deck. It’s too bad that they ended the customization there. The faces of all the cards match a “Bee” deck exactly.

These cards are on “Bee” stock and standard “Bee” finish and as such handle as well as a “Bee” deck can. I prefer the Bicycle finish but the “Bee” stock is pretty good.


BACK – 8.5/10

FACE – 5.5/10

FINISH – 7/10

BUY? No. They’re good for playing card games and for some cardistry and magic. I do not recommend them though as I think it was more hype than actual finish that made these cards famous. They are nice looking but not worth the extreme cost associated with them on Ebay.

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