White Lions Series B Blue


David Blaine’s cards designed by Mark Stutzman have been a huge success for magicians and cardists everywhere. They are are extremely exclusive cards with limited runs. They are even hard to find on Ebay for the most part. The cards themselves though deserve the credit even if they are not in any way extreme in design.

The design of the box is pretty nice though it is very hard to see the White Lions logo on the box above the lion. The David Blaine split spades are all over the place in this deck. The back design is just a bunch of split spades but in an appealing blue colour. I like the simplicity of the design.

The ace and jokers are uniquely designed with illusions in their design. The regular pip cards are standard. Some of the court cards are subtly changed to incorporate magician faces included David Blaine himself.

I think the real reason this deck shines is the finish of this deck. I’m not sure what the stock or finish actually is but I really love it. It feels completely unique. It is perfect for doing cardistry and magic. Just love the feel.


BACK – 7.5/10

FACE – 8/10

FINISH – 9/10

BUY? If you can get a hold of one of these buy it!

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