Cards and Cardistry

IMG_0226I’ve been playing around with different kinds of playing cards and have to say that initial impressions are still pretty well bang on. I would like to say that the ACE Authentic Plastic Playing Cards are fantastic for springs. A lot of fun with that. Still this deck is really just for playing games and with the smell they give off and it sticking to your hands after a while doing much cardistry handling would be a bad thing.

Currently my favourite deck is actually cannot come down to just one. For handling I prefer the JAQK Cellars cards by Theory11 (I may be getting a few directly from JAQK Cellars as a comparison) and the Texan Palmetto No 45. They are great handling cards. The Streamline decks are nice too but I find the stock too thick and hard to manipulate. As I have small fingers thick stock is hard to manipulate. I prefer the Aviator cards over those.

For game playing I prefer anything with a standard Bicycle stock and air cushion finish or the ACE cards I mentioned above. I think my absolute favourite would be the Aristocrat Casino playing cards I purchased some time back. I haven’t had a chance to post them on this website yet. They have a pretty thick stock and as such are very durable but their finish is not any good for cardistry.

What are your favourite decks?

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