Daniel Madison Players

Daniel Madison is a well known card manipulator and has been seen on Penn and Tellers Fool Me television program in the UK dealing a royal flush blindfolded. If you haven’t seen it look it up on Madison’s YouTube channel. Recently Daniel teamed up with Theory11 to create his own deck of cards.

Now some of you know that there are some, shall I say, special features that come with this deck. I won’t reveal them here but if you are curious it’s only a bing away. Anyways the design and finish of these cards are fantastic and after several hours of using the cards I am prod to report that its in my top five decks to date.

The back design is very elegant but simple. The faces are almost completely standard minus a few custom faces on the court cards.

The deck springs, fans and cuts remarkably well and I’ve found during my use that the cards don’t clump for a few hours of use and when they do a little time back in their box and they’re like new again. Theory11 did a great job with this deck.

The box art is extremely simple but easily in my top five once again.

The stock feels a little thinner than bicycle stock which is great for me though I think in reality it is bicycle stock. I am still not sure on the finish but if I had to compare it the deck feels like a David Blaine white lions deck.


Face – 7/10

Back – 8/10

Finish – 9/10

Buy? Yup. Absolutely. Only way to get them now is to buy the, on eBay or from online retailers as they are now sold out. I bought a brick in anticipation of them being one of my favourite decks and boy I sure was not wrong.

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