1001 Aladdin Playing Cards

The Aladdin decks have also been around for awhile but ever since the USPCC moved to Erlanger Kentucky they have been out of print thus making these much more valuable than the STUD cards from the same variety box.

They 1001 Aladdin deck has a smooth or what many people call now an ivory finish. I wish the cards had a thinner stock as these smooth finish cards tend to be a little harder for me to work with (small fingers). They fan well but don’t spring as nicely as i wished they could. Cuts are ok as well but not quite as nice as an air cushion type finish.

The deck come with 4 jokers instead of two jokers and two ad cards which is a nice feature. The faces are all standard bicycle except for the jokers and ace of spades.

The back design is a nice alternative to the bicycle standard decks but its not one of my favourites.


Back – 4.5/10
Face – 5/10
Stock – 5.5/10

Buy? Only if you are a collector. I haven’t been very impressed with these as of yet. Perhaps with some more time to break the deck in it would be better but any s,oath finish deck I’ve never had a lot of luck with unless it has a thinner stock.

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