STUD Playing Cards *UPDATE*

Amongst the variety box encore I received from Dan and Dave was a pack of STUD playing cards of the blue variety. They are produced for Walgreens as it says on its pack. STUD cards have been produced on and off for years now and though I’m not sure they are really rare enough to be in a variety box they certainly are a treat to Canadians that don’t have easy access to these cards.

The STUD deck is a nice alternative to the bicycle rider backs easily available everywhere. The back design in my opinion is a nice fresh look compared to the standard rider back. The faces are standard arrco faces which is a nice touch.

The stock and finish is standard bike stock with air cushion finish. Pretty good though.

As they are standard in every way except design they handle just like a bicycle deck.


Back – 7.5/10
Face – 6.5/10
Finish – 6.5/10

Purchase? Well if you are a collector and interested in different deck designs then yes otherwise regular bicycle standards will do you fine. Of course if you are in the United States you can pick up a pack at Walgreens as I think they are still available there.

*UPDATE* I was incorrect in mentioning that these are still available at Walgreens. Apparently they moved on to other cards to sell. Thusly these have become quite collectible.

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