Anglo Rugbacks by Offason

These cards are unique in the way that they are not produced by the USPCC. In fact they arent even made in north america. They are actually designed by Ake Arenhill and produced in Sweden. They produced their first cards in 2006 and the latest editions were released in 2009.

Alas, I do not have the special edition versions of these decks but the regular rugbacks are just as fantastic in my opinion if just a little less colourful.

Now another interesting fact is the two rugbacks at are solid coloured and bordered on the backs were not placed in their packs in order. The borderless versions we placed in the standard USPCC order. Also of note the deck boxes are not sealed in cellophane but the cards inside are. Te boxes are simple and more functional than flashy.

Another interesting note is that the decks have three jokers. Two in each deck are labeled joker in the corners and one has a star in the corners. Also of note here is that the black solid rugback has a star joker with sort of a FAQ on how the cards are made and contains a guarantee. The guarantee is interesting because unlike a USPCC DECK with these you return the ace of hearts and a note along with it describing its defect to the company. Pretty cool.

The pips, indices and court cards are all custom but thats no surprise since this isn’t produced by the USPCC. The design is a fresh take on what i think many people have become bored with the standard design from Bicycle. Also why the Arrco designs are so highly sought after.

The card edges are so smooth its hard to compare to even the best cut USPCC decks. Even Jaqks and some of the Ellusionist cards cannot compete in this regard. Because of their smoothness however they are a little hard to farrow properly.

The finish is like an airflow finish from Bicycle but these are, for a lack of a better term, stickier. This by no means hurts their ability to be used. They are great for anything you can throw at them. I fact these have one of the most durable stocks ive seen that are still flexible enough for springs.

Because of the stickier finish even with the durable stock I find these remarkable easy to handle and they look absolutely great.


BACK – 8.5/10
FACE – 8/10
FINISH – 7/10

Buy? I am loving these cards. If you can find some on ebay they are a great buy and a great thing to add to your collection. They are great for playing card games, flourishing, magic and so on. Great all around deck of cards.

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