Crown Deck – Green Blue and Red

A unique entry into the card universe are the green blue and red crown decks designed by Fracturize, produced by the Blue Crown, and manufactured by the USPCC. The Blue Crown is known for their high quality decks and always give the stock and finish for their cards which is a nice change from guessing.

These decks have standard Arrco faces except for the exceptionally beautiful ace of spades and the jokers with crowns on them. I love that they chose the arrco design as i think it adds a degree of sophistication and detail.

The stock and finish on these are Bicycle and magic respectively. These work very well together. Only wish I have would be that the decks were a little smoother cut and perhaps maybe a second wish that my cards were cut more on centre. The green deck especially, though my favourite colour of the set are cut noticeably off centre when going through them though to the laymans eye there isn’t a problem.

The box is quite nice as well with embossing throughout and a very nice overall colourful design.

They cards handle fairly well too though perhaps not quite as durable as the recently reviewed Anglos (which I expect will never be duplicated perfectly by the USPCC).


BACK – 9/10
FACE – 7/10
FINISH – 7/10

Buy? If you are a collector, magician or cardist I would recommend these for purchase. They are good for playing cards but perhaps a little too ornate to waste on playing euchre.

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