Altruism from the Blue Crown

These decks have been designed by Hydro47 for the Blue Crown. I have had some time to play around with these cards and my thoughts are as follows. Secrets are everywhere.

To start the decks have a very nice design. The box is fairly nice with its black and gold metallic ink. The inside of the tuck box is purple to match the seal.

The cards are nice too with their fairly nice owl design on their backs. It’s claimed that the gold inks on the back are metallic. To my eye they are not. The only metallic inks I see are the golds on the court cards which closely resemble aristocrats in design. The pips are a little larger than normal on the cards. Other than that the deck is fairly standard.

Throughout the purchase of these cards you are constantly reminded that Secrets are Everywhere. To be frank I have not bothered looking for the secrets as there is no reason to any longer. The decks came with codes to unlock prizes on a website but by the time most of us got our cards they were already gone.

Perhaps the real interesting part to this whole thing was to get the snow owl deck that is even more rare than the regular altruism deck was to buy 12 of the altruism decks. While the altruism deck is nice its hardly unique enough in my view to really want that many of the decks.

Interestingly enough the first edition decks mostly contained an error in print where the deck comes with a duplicate queen of hearts and no queen of diamonds. To square this out the Blue Crown sent along replacement queens replace the duplicate queens of hearts. That should make unopened first editions worth a fair bit of money one the second edition is released.

Stock and finish are close to aristocrat with what I know is a magic finish. They handle fairly well fanning and flourishing away. I wasn’t particularly blown away by these especially since i now have the crown decks. They seem just that much more composed though the altruism decks are exquisitely cut.


BACK – 7/10
FACE – 6.5/10
FINISH – 6.5/10

Purchase? Only if needed for your collection as they are nothing extremely special. The snow owls should be very collectable down the road.

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