New Ace Fultons


In a finale to the Ace Fultons decks Dan and Dave along with Brad Fulton release their version of Jerry’s Nugget cards. And it was good.

To start I am glad that these were released as to buy a deck of authentic Jerry’s Nugget cards one has to fork out $300. No thanks. These are a great alternative and a whole lot cheaper.

The decks come in a bright orange and blue colour. Essentially the same as the original decks in design with a few subtle changes on the back and case design. Great design as there has been a trend as of late to create darker and darker cards.

Before released it was confirmed that while these decks will have the smooth ivory 37 finish the finish has been formulated differently. This is easy to see when you compare to the rare Midnight Fuel decks as they are the most similar. First off the new decks are not as yellow but not completely white. Also they aren’t nearly as slippery and this is great as they are much easier to handle. The stock is fantastic though a little hard. They are extremely durable and retain their shape remarkably well.

One thing I did notice and only in my blue deck but the two jokers are noticeably different in stock colour. I am not sure if this is the case with everyone else but here is a shot.

It’s hard to see but the left card is more white by far. Like I said I’m not sure if this was intentional or a mistake but it does take a little away from the deck.


BACK – 8/10
FACE – 8/10
FINISH – 9.5/10

Buy? Fantastic for a collection or an alternative for cardistry I would say buy. Can use them for magic but people may shout scam when they see the unusual features of the card faces.

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