Arrco 501

Arrco cards have been preferred by magicians for years and were eventually purchased by the USPCC and produced in Cincinatti, Ohio. When the production of cards moved from Ohio to Kentucky many magicians and cardistry alike perceived a change in quality. What I have here are Arrcos that were made in Cincinnati.

I’ll be honest with you all, I have not handled an Arrco deck produced in Kentucky so I will not be comparing them. What I will do is give you my opinion on this deck.

The box design is fairly simple and gives you a glance at the ace of spades and on the back a good look at the back design of these cards. The faces and court cards are all standard Arrco design and the jokers are labelled plastic coated.

What I really love is the back design. It is very detailed and complex for a simple mirror image design and really gives you something nice to look at compared to a standard bicycle deck.

The stock feels like a standard bicycle stock with air cushion finish and handles just as well.



Back – 7/10
Face – 6/10
Finish – 5/10

Buy? If you can find some of the original Cincinnati decks I’m told they are a real treat compared to the Kentucky reprints. Buy them if you are a collector though as using these may get to be costly.

One thought on “Arrco 501

  1. So it turns out you’ve added another piece to a mystery that’s always bugged me: where did the faces on the DeLand’s Automatic Playing Cards come from? I got a pack of DeLand’s back when I was a teenager (a young teenager) and I’d never given the faces a second thought until they appeared on a promo deck given out by Wizard’s of the Coast.

    The DeLand’s I got said they were made in Belgium, where WotC print’s it’s Magic: The Gathering Cards, so I thought they simply used whatever face designs their printer owned the right to. For a while I was thinking Cartamundi.

    But now you have a picture of those faces on USPCC deck. And, to boot, USPCC just recent’s started printing the DeLand’s deck under a slightly different name (100 Dollar Deck). The 100 Dollar Deck has the regular Bicycle 808 faces, but this Arco Ace. Previously, the Ace was pretty bland.

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