Pit Hartling Deck

Pit Hartling is a world class magician and as magicians seem to do nowadays released a deck of his own cards to share with the world. These decks are extremely hard to come by and come at a high price if you do find one.

The card box shows a preview on both side of the back design and what a fantastic design it is. It says Pit Hartling in a mirrored image and thus still good for card tricks. The floral design is complex but beautiful in its execution.

These are printed by the USPCC and as such are sealed by their their own seal. The design was down by Jorg Willich of Card-Shark Playing Cards in Germany. The only difference between this deck and a bicycle deck is the ace of spade. I like the design but I would have preferred to also see some further customization in the deck. In fact this deck comes with four blank cards. No jokers at all.

From the case you would expect the back design to be that rich brown and gold colour. Not so. The backs are brown with the details done in white.

Handling is the same as a standard bike deck and as such is good the handle though nothing special.


Back – 7/10
Face – 4/10
Finish – 5/10

Buy? Only if you are a collector. I see no reason otherwise.

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