Vintage Plaid


So this is one of the first decks in my collection and probably the least used. Not because they aren’t good cards but because I love them so much I don’t want to ruin them. This is another well designed deck from Dan and Dave. I started out researching where to buy cards by watching videos on youtube reviews. Many reviewers kept mentioning this Dan and Dave and all I could think of was the card equivalent of Ben and Jerry’s. Of course Dan and Dave are nothing like Ben and Jerry’s


These decks are fantastic. The design is actually fairly simple. They are printed on USPCC stock and finish though printed off white which gives them a sort of dated look.

The inks used are pretty standard though the red are all a very bright colour almost hitting an orange hue. The ace of spades is plain. The jokers are both bucks (fittingly) with an ace of spades reveal on one. The two additional cards are a crossword and the other has a recipe for an alcoholic beverage.

DSCF0138The stock and finish are superb as with most Dan and Dave decks. They handle great and fanned the back design really pops. I love the plaid design in the Striking Arizona and Casual California colour schemes.

Also something should be said about the tuck boxes. They are incredible simple with a textured cardboard. Love them!


BACK – 8/10

FACE – 7/10

FINISH – 7.5/10

Buy? If you haven’t you should be ordering them. They are great for everything and I would even say they are something perfect for playing games. Not very expensive and subtle but refined. Love these cards.

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