2012 First Annual Deckies!

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be an annual event to award those decks on the market this year the kudos they deserve for their design and handling.

Now to start one has to know that I am writing this before I receive a bunch of decks that were ordered around black friday and anticipate the arrival of the rest near Christmas. I am doing my deck list now as I think in fairness I will not have enough time to really get to know the new decks in time for the end of 2012.

Below you will see some rare to not so rare decks from the USPCC, Dan and Dave, the Blue Crown, Ellusionist and Theory11. I have placed them in order good to better to best ie. 10-5-1. Some of these decks I have not reviewed on the site yet and will get to in the near future though I have had them for some time and know how they handle. FYI more pictures to come bit almost all these decks can be seen on my website in their own review.


10. Ace Authentic Plastic (Cartamundi)


These cards are great for springs and general cuts. They never bend or fold (unless forced of course) as they are plastic. I don’t much care for the back design and in that light this deck almost did not make the cut.

9. Arrco 501 (USPCC)


I haven’t spent as much time with this deck as I probably should have. Being the standard for magicians some time ago they really deserve some more of my time. I have not played with these a lot as I only have one of these decks (came in my V7 Dan and Dave variety box). Love the back design and it uses Arrco faces naturally. Great handling cards and are fairly durable.

8.  Bicycle Series 1800 (Ellusionist by USPCC)


The custom work done to make these cards look vintage and well used never ceases to amaze me. Purely the reason they are on this list. The performance coating is nice but I find it a little too slippery. Not as nice a magic finish.

7. Arrco Taboe (Dan and Dave by USPCC)


These a exclusive to 2500 red and 2500 blue decks being sold through Dan and Dave’s website. They back designs on these cards are fantastic and naturally the Arrco faces are just excellent. They are very durable and handle fairly well. More of a collectors item and as such I do not use this deck very often.

6. Crown Decks (The Blue Crown by USPCC)

These decks are beautiful. The backs and faces are fantastic and their stock and finish are perfect. I love the magic finish the Blue Crown employs. It seems to be the perfect middle ground between air cushion and UV500.

5. White Lions Series B (David Blaine)


These are the first and only decks I have from David Blaine. They do not disclose their stock or finish but they are absolutely impressive. They handle great and if I had to compare then they seem very close to the cards in the number two spot on this list.

4. Anglo (Ake Arenhill by Offason)

Designed by magicians for magicians. They handle superb and the back design is a simple by intricate rug back design. They are great decks and not too hard to get a hold of.

3. Ace Fulton’s V2 (Dan and Dave by USPCC)

They are in ivory finish like the exclusive Midnight Fuel decks but we were told by Dan and Dave themselves that they would handle better than that. I can proudly report they do. The stock and finish used hold up so well it’s not even funny. I like the blue and orange back designs a lot.

2. Madison Players (Theory11 by USPCC)

Absolutely love this deck. It is my go to deck for almost everything now. There is a hidden feature which I will again say is just a Bing away if you want to know what it is. The back design is simple and extremely elegant. Because of the lack of ink on the cards they handle wonderfully. The stock is springy and easy to control. These have become very hard to come by now as they are sold out but I assure you if you purchase some at a higher price they are indeed worth it.

1. Jaqk Cellars (Theory11 by USPCC)

What’s there to say? These cards are well known in the community for their amazing quality in design, stock and finish. They are are true masters. The easiest way to get these are to go directly to Jaqk Cellars and order them there. Buy if you can!

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