Bicycle Wheel Back

So these have been around for a while but I just got a hold of a brick. These were recreated to be a close to the almost lost back design of USPCC’s. There is only one back colour and that is red.


The deck faces are completely standard for Bicycle decks but dissimilar to bike decks is that these have a magic finish. They feel really good to handle and the use of regular bike stock makes them fairly easy to manipulate.

The backs are pretty nice and completely reversible so they are great for magic. I like the design too.

Only 2500 of these were made and each seal on the decks come with the number of the series printed on it.


Back – 7/10
Face – 6/10
Finish – 8/10

Buy? If you can get them for a reasonable price. I believe the only way to purchase these is through the creators ebay store.

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