Coterie1902 Gold Bee


The coterie1902 bee decks are exclusive to members of this group though to be honest to become a member all one has to do is purchase some of these cards. To reach the upper echelons of the group you need to be a well recognized magician as the website states.

These Coterie bees are really nice additions to a collection. They have a custom tuck box that states you need to sign the signature area in order to be admitted. Not sure what that means yet but anyways moving on. The deck is really a standard bee deck with a couple gaff cards.

Standard bee stock and finish are here and work well as always. Handling is good which should be no surprise. The stock as is usual for bee stock for me is a little too thick for me to manipulate but I know for others it’s not an issue.

The face cards are all standard bee faces including the ace of spades.

The backs are a great combination of gold and black. A lovely combination that works really well together. The design is easily reversible and can be used for magic. They aren’t the cheapest decks around but they are fairly exclusive.


Back – 8/10
Face – 6.5/10
Finish – 6.5/10

Buy? I think this would be good for all categories of card use, gaming, magic and cardistry. Pick some up if you like the design. They came fairly quick for travelling all the way from Hong Kong.

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