Another completely custom deck from the folks at ellusionist. They have been on a roll lately creating fairly wonderful decks and the Fathom deck is no exception.

First I want to apologize for the low light pictures. I only had my iPad around to take the pictures and the room I was in did not have a lot of light. Moving on…

The new fathom deck has a lot to live up to after the Sultan Republic and Treasury and at first glance the Fathom tuck box disappoints. The design is beautiful but the lack of embossing or foil does not help it stand out beside a sultan deck. Nevertheless it is a beautiful box on the outside. I am a little disappointed the blue colour doesn’t continue into the inside of the tuck box but that’s a small thing considering the whole point of the tuck box is just to hold the main event. The playing cards.

The cards are absolutely beautiful. Every face is custom and I dare say my favourite design to date from ellusionist. The colouring is fantastic and art spectacular. The back is just phenominal with a fantastic design and a masterful use of colours. Absolutely love the back design.

The stock and finish are the standards always used by ellusionist. And that seems to be a bike stock with performance coating (magic finish). As usual they handle well but I still find whatever ellusionist does to their decks makes them a little more slippery In the hand. Its not as bad as some of their decks that have a lot of ink on them. A proper magic close up map will eliminate most of those issues.

Back – 9.5/10
Face – 9/10
Finish – 8/10

Buy? Yes. Straight and simple.

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