Along with a recent order of a bunch of decks from the Blue Crown and the House of Playing Cards I received the new red and blue heraldry decks. These are distributed by HOPC but designed by Circle City Cards.

Again I am sorry about the low light conditions in these pictures. I will update this post with better pictures as soon as I can.

The tuck box is very nice with the blue or red colouring and because of their darker hue the foiling on the box really pops.

The cards are all completely custom and a real treat when it comes to the court cards. They don’t have royalty on them. Instead they have sort of seal designs on them. A real nice touch. Back designs are fantastic as well. If I had one complaint about the deck it would be the faces may be a bit dark to easily distinguish suits and numbers for magic or playing cards.

The stock is bicycle and finish magic. As usual these play off well on each other. Because of the amount of ink on these cards they tend to be a little slippery but they handle very well for springs and fanning.

Back – 8.5/10
Face – 7.5/10
Finish – 7.5/10

Buy? Depends. This is a great cardistry and collectible deck. It’s ok for magic though I really think the faces are just a little bit hard to read at a quick glance. I would not recommend for card games.

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