Sultan Republic and Treasury

Let me start by saying ellusionist is great at bringing out creative deck designs. The latest decks released are no different. The Sultan Republic decks is initially a feast for the eyes.

As usual the design is spectacular on this deck. Lets just get the stock and finish out of the way. I’m not sure on the stock. Feels like standard bicycle stock but as always the performance coating (which has been brought to my attention is just a magic finish) is great though as with many ellusionist decks I feel like they’re just a little bit slippery.

The tuck box is absolutely spectacular. The foil work is extremely intricate and looks great on the dark box. Ellusionist did say that this was the most complicated box art the USPCC has ever attempted and they triumphed marvellously.

Problem is it raises the expectation for the cards a little too high. Just like theory11’s monarch playing cards. Turns out that the back design while nice and detailed does not quite stand out like the box. The faces are nicely modern and custom all the way through. I do like them but they are not my favourite design.

As a special promotion ellusionist released the Sultan Republic Treasury. They are essentially the same but come in a custom tuck box which I think looks great but does not stand out like the regular deck. The cards have a sort of faded aged look that has become popular. Ok but I feel like it has been done before.

SCORE regular deck
Back – 7/10
Face – 7/10
Finish – 7/10

SCORE treasury deck
Back – 7/10
Face – 6/10
Finish – 7/10

Buy? Only if you are a collector. And good luck getting a treasury deck. They are sold out on the ellusionist website and only available in their private reserves.

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