Tungstene Playing Cards

The tungstene deck is extremely rare and was released in limited quantities by Dan and Dave on their website. They do this from time to time when they discover a unique and well handling deck that they like. This deck is certainly unique and it handles as good as it looks.

Now my knowledge of who created this deck is limited to what is printed on the tuck box and to be honest it’s all in French and I don’t understand much of it.

Integrated into the design are a bunch of QR codes that can be scanned. When scanned they reveal phrases in French for you to read. Again doesn’t mean much to me but kind of unique nonetheless. The backs are one way and as such cannot be used for magic.

The faces are pretty cool though. The pips all look like they’ve been shaken up. Because of this though I could see them being hard to use for magic or playing games. The whole deck is completely custom.

The cards feel like bike stock with possibly a magic finish but I think it’s just an air-cushion finish. They handle fairly well but a nothing extremely special when it gets down to it.

Back – 7.5/10
Face – 7.5/10
Finish – 6.5/10

Buy? If you are a collector and can find one go for it. I don’t see much value in these cards for anything other than collecting.

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