Coming This Weekend

First looks at a huge unboxing and reviews of decks promised in the past. This is going to be a busy weekend. The posts should start in the afternoon today.

Also the contest I mentioned on vjose32’s Facebook page is still coming. I am going to aim for it to start around New Years and let it go for about 4 weeks as it will not be super easy. Planned prizes? Prizes will be announced at the contest opening but be assured they will be worth doing the contest.

2012 First Annual Deckies!

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be an annual event to award those decks on the market this year the kudos they deserve for their design and handling.

Now to start one has to know that I am writing this before I receive a bunch of decks that were ordered around black friday and anticipate the arrival of the rest near Christmas. I am doing my deck list now as I think in fairness I will not have enough time to really get to know the new decks in time for the end of 2012.

Below you will see some rare to not so rare decks from the USPCC, Dan and Dave, the Blue Crown, Ellusionist and Theory11. I have placed them in order good to better to best ie. 10-5-1. Some of these decks I have not reviewed on the site yet and will get to in the near future though I have had them for some time and know how they handle. FYI more pictures to come bit almost all these decks can be seen on my website in their own review.

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Vintage Plaid


So this is one of the first decks in my collection and probably the least used. Not because they aren’t good cards but because I love them so much I don’t want to ruin them. This is another well designed deck from Dan and Dave. I started out researching where to buy cards by watching videos on youtube reviews. Many reviewers kept mentioning this Dan and Dave and all I could think of was the card equivalent of Ben and Jerry’s. Of course Dan and Dave are nothing like Ben and Jerry’s

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There are more reviews on the way. I am currently waiting on some decks to arrive and as soon as they do they will be reviewed. In the meantime I would like everyone to know that there will be a contest coming up on the website. The details are still being worked out but there will be some nice decks up for grabs including Players by Daniel Madison, Altruism, and others. I will let you all know when the contest is ready to go.

Off Topic–Cars of My Past

So, this is a little off topic as I write reviews on playing cards on this website but I wanted to express some feelings on another topic and depending on feedback I may occasionally touch on this in between all my deck reviews. What I’m talking about is cars.

I think as guy I am sort of pre-ordained to liking cars though I know plenty of us would rather talk about other things. Certainly cars are much more expensive than playing cards and many other things. Recently after reading a few posts on some sites like and I’ve been reminded of the first cars I ever owned. Thusly to some of your amusement and some of your dismay I’m sure I am going to share with you a few memories of my first cars.

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