There are more reviews on the way. I am currently waiting on some decks to arrive and as soon as they do they will be reviewed. In the meantime I would like everyone to know that there will be a contest coming up on the website. The details are still being worked out but there will be some nice decks up for grabs including Players by Daniel Madison, Altruism, and others. I will let you all know when the contest is ready to go.

Off Topic–Cars of My Past

So, this is a little off topic as I write reviews on playing cards on this website but I wanted to express some feelings on another topic and depending on feedback I may occasionally touch on this in between all my deck reviews. What I’m talking about is cars.

I think as guy I am sort of pre-ordained to liking cars though I know plenty of us would rather talk about other things. Certainly cars are much more expensive than playing cards and many other things. Recently after reading a few posts on some sites like jalopnik.com and ca.autoblog.com I’ve been reminded of the first cars I ever owned. Thusly to some of your amusement and some of your dismay I’m sure I am going to share with you a few memories of my first cars.

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