Congratulations to the Winners of the Deck Review Giveaway

Congratulations to all that entered the Deck Review giveaway! The winners have been notified via the email address they used to register with wordpress. I will release the winner names within 72 hours or when they have all replied to the email sent!

Winners were designated a number and then I used Random.ORG to randomize the numbers. If the winners do not reply within 72 hours the next on the list will be chosen.

Congratulations again!

Jeff Breyer –

Smoke and Mirrors Deluxe Box Set


The Smoke and Mirrors series produced by Dan and Dave, designed by Si Scott and manufactured by the USPCC has been the pinnacle for all cardists and collectors alike. Their unique design and finish make for some of the best cards produced in the world. To this day original decks command high prices on reseller websites and ebay making them treasured possessions the world over.

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A Little Note Before We Continue

I just wanted to say thanks to all that have been following my website and I believe a lot of this can go to VJose32 on youtube for his group on Facebook. I post on there regularly and that has in turn really improved my traffic to my website. I should also point out that I have no relation to deckreview’s youtube channel but if you want a place to check out awesome card decks that is another good place to look.

I use my iPad for pictures and posting for the most part but for some reason it will not upload pictures at the moment. The next few reviews I have I will link to the original product page (if that so exists) so you can see what they look like. Without further delay prepare for the next group of reviews!

Jeff –

Too Many to Count

Over Christmas and New Years I received so many decks that I hardly know where to start. I know that many of you would like to see reviews on some of the brand new decks out there soon and I assure you that you will get your wish. Mixed in with these new decks there will be reviews on some older decks as well and some collector sets.

So what can you expect? Artisan colelctor’s set, David Blains Collectors set, Tally Ho’s, Steamboat 909’s and more.

Stay tuned.