Artisan Collectors Set


This beautiful series designed by Theory11 is one of the most beautiful sets I’ve see to date. Not only are the decks wonderful but the wooden carved box is exquisite.

In the box there are four sealed and dated decks of Artisan playing cards, some of the most exquisite cards produced to date. They live up to Theory11’s long stand of making quality cards that perform well for cardistry and for magic.

The wooden box has a carving of the ace of spades on the top and a sticker seal indicating the time of production. Inside there is a felt lining which is great for preserving the state of these pristine decks.

The cards themselves are beautiful though in Theory11 fashion the cards are fairly standard except for the ace of spades and jokers. Not terrible but it would be nice to have more custom bits to the deck.

This is an exquisite collectable piece and really designed for the collector. Buy if you are a collector as they are still available.

4 thoughts on “Artisan Collectors Set

  1. It’s a nice deck and I think for collectors it’s a great item. Particularly, I do not like decks with dark borders… because of handling, but besides that for showing off I’d love to have it! 🙂

    1. The Artisans are gorgeous, one of the most beautiful decks ever created, they have white orders so great magic (double lifts) and poker. I simply love this deck, Simon Frouws, the creator, is a genius!

      1. While not my favourite deck of all time (that still goes to the Madison Players) I’d rank these right up there with the original run of the Red Monarchs.

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