Smoke and Mirrors Deluxe Box Set


The Smoke and Mirrors series produced by Dan and Dave, designed by Si Scott and manufactured by the USPCC has been the pinnacle for all cardists and collectors alike. Their unique design and finish make for some of the best cards produced in the world. To this day original decks command high prices on reseller websites and ebay making them treasured possessions the world over.

To commemorate such a successful series of cards Dan and Dave released the Smoke and Mirrors Deluxe Box Set. This set brings together all the designs of the original series into a beautiful package of cards.

The box itself comes vacuum sealed in plastic. The design on the top is great as the logo seems to be just part of the smoke.

Opening the box the first thing you see is a certificate of authenticity. These have become a sought after item for collectors but this one really only shows what production number you have of the ten thousand produced. Yes ten thousand which makes you wonder just how collectible this is.

Under the certificate lies what everyone is really looking forward too. The decks. The collection comes with six decks. Each represents every design to date and includes the new carbon edition that can only be purchased in this set or with it’s own uncut sheet (which is sold out).

The decks are primarily the same as the originals before them but with a few differences. The decks representing the original smoke and mirror decks are on an off white stock making them look vintage. The court cards on all these decks are not the simplified court card designs of before but standard bicycle faces. That to me was a huge let down as I have never had the decks with the simple unique court cards of the originals. Of course since I have gotten my hands on a v6 red smoke and mirrors.

On the topic of the v6/Rouge decks I think this was the hugest let down of all. The two tone colour scheme used on the jokers and Ace of Spades is not used on the new deck. This was very disappointing as that to me was really what made these decks stand out. As such I am so happy that I have a couple original v6 decks to enjoy (one sealed of course).

I think it was smart for Dan and Dave to release the new carbon deck this way though I would not put it past them to release the decks separate at a later date. This helps those of us that want to buy a couple decks and not have to pay absurd aftermarket prices (though the price of this set is bordering absurd).

The set is really a great thing to behold though and I am happy that I have one (actually three – two are sealed and still in their bubble wrap).

I won’t give my standard rating on this collection other than to say that these cards in every reflect the impressive nature of the original versions they replicate. In some ways I would almost say they outdo their originals if even a very small way. I like the detailed court cards and even though they are not completely custom they are nice to look at.

Buy? If you haven’t and you are a collector I would recommend doing so. They are worth the cost in my opinion.

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