Legends By Lawrence Sullivan


Conjuring Arts has released a deck created by Lawrence Sullivan and designed by Mark Stutzman (the same artist that designed the David Blaine cards). There is a pretty in depth write up on the Conjuring Arts website so I’m not going to go in too great of detail in the history of the deck.

The Legend deck comes in three colours. The standard red and blue and then a teal/green colour. The tuck box is really cool and comes with many reveals including a hidden 8 of diamonds reveal which I will leave to you to find when you purchase your own. There are a couple of other reveals on the outside of the box which I will leave to you to find once again. The actual design is very nice overall.

The back design is definitely classic Mark D Stutzman. The illustration is very detailed and includes four dragons and other visual designs. The flames near the corners also work as a marking system.

The faces are pretty well standard other than the court card faces. They are custom. The Indexes are thin on top and thick on the bottom. An easy way to find a card in your deck. The ace of spades is pretty nice with a dragon on it and the jokers also have dragons with a reveal on one.

An interesting note is that these were produced in Taipei and not by the USPCC. As such the stock and finish are a little different. The stock is thinner than standard bike stock but the paper is stronger. The finish is like an air cushion finish with the small textured air pockets on the paper but I would say it feels closer to the finish of the Anglo cards. In fact the stock feels very similar as well.

The cards handle fairly well. Fanning and springs work well. Shuffles are good. I personally can’t get them to farrow consistently as the edges on these cards are very smooth compared to a USPCC deck. These cards are good for playing games as well as they are easy to read.


BACK – 8.5/10

FACE – 6.5/10

FINISH – 8/10

Buy? They are still available in their first edition run and I’d say buy. They are a decent price and the shipping from Conjuring Arts is not insane. They are sure to be collectors items soon as well as I believe they are a limited run.

IMAGE SOURCE: 52Cartes via Conjuring Arts

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