Bicycle Griffin – Club 808


As a perk for Club 808 members, Bicycle is releasing exclusive decks just for them. The first deck in the series is the beautifully encased Bicycle Griffin deck.

The tuck box is one of the most beautiful boxes created for a Bicycle series deck. Only 5000 of these were produced and are only available 6 decks to a member. This is very exclusive for a Bicycle deck. The green metallic is striking and looks fantastic. The Griffon looks like it’s been spray painted back on with embossing behind it. Just fantastic.

The back design is wonderful with it green hue though I wish they had made the inks metallic on the backs as well. Instead of having two ad cards it has only one and the other extra card is a double backer. Very nice to see. The jokers are standard 808 jokers and the rest of the deck is standard as well.

The finish is air cushion with bike stock as expected. Naturally they handle fairly well because of this.


BACK – 7/10

FACE – 5/10

FINISH – 7.5/10

Buy? If you are a club 808 member I would get a hold of them quick before they are gone. They are very nice and worth the money spent especially as they are good for pretty much anything.

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