Confidence Deck

The third and final installment of a three deck series has finally arrived. The Confidence Deck created and produced by Bedeceived and manufactured by the USPCC has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2013 by an independant company. And it does not disappoint.

Instead of direclty funding this deck, Collin Stover of Bedeceived decided to use kickstarter to raise the funds needed to priduce the deck. Naturally funding was successful and the backers of the project have received their decks. Either way the deck turned out fantastic.

The tuck box design reminds me of some kind of early 20th century ice cream parlour. The colour scheme while simple really works. The red with beige really works. The font is well chosen as well and works with the overall theme. There is no reveal on the tuck box this time around which I think was a good choice. I don’t belive this deck was designed to be a magic deck so much as just a wonderful work of art. Of course on the back of the tuck box you get a reveal of the deck backs.

Opening the tuck box we get to the cards. They are all in the same beige colour on the backgrounds and the back design matches the design on the back of the tuck box. We’ve seen the jokers before in the two previous decks albeit in slightly different colour schemes. You also get a blank faced card and a commentary card from Collin of Bedeceived. A nice touch. The ace of spades is very nice. Simpe and elegant. The colours of the ace are red and black but not solid. There is a texture and this is in all the cards in the deck. Black and red pips all have this texture. The rest of the aces have bigger pips than standard. The real cool bits are the court cards. While they use the faces of the standard court cards they have crowns as bodies. While I do not have pictures to show you this I encourage you to look at the kickstarter page for these decks.

The decks are printed on Aristocrat stock which what I am assuming the standard linen finish that comes with though I cannot confirm that. This is a great stock as its thinner than a standard bike but thicker than a tally-ho stock. The sweet spot. They can be a bit slippery to hold due to the large amount of ink used on the cards so you will have to make sure you have a good hold on them during use. They feel similar to a Tally Ho Viper though the stock is different.


BACK – 9.5/10

FACE – 9/10

FINISH – 8/10

Buy? Yes. End of line.

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