ultimate deck


At the moment the most expensive deck you can buy this was designed by Stranger and Stranger, released by Dan and Dave and manufactured by the USPCC.

At $25 a deck there has to be something to them. As you can see from the picture there is nothing standard about this deck.

Stranger and Stranger designs unique labelling for different companies and they teamed up with Dan and Dave to design deck of cards that has a completely different art piece on each card. Naturally you pay for that in the cost but it is an absolutely fantastic exhibit of art.

The back design is similar to the tuck box design and compared to the faces completely boring.

The finish and stock both feel like air cushion and bicycle. Nothing special here than a huge amount of ink making the cards a little more slippery than usual.


BACK – 6/10

FACE – 9/10

FINISH – 7/10

Verdict? This is a collectors deck only. It cannot be used for playing cards really and is not useable for magic. You maybe able to use it for cardistry but I think the non uniform faces could be distracting.

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