Absolut Deck


This Deck was featured by Dan and Dave in a video and the internet went crazy for them. They still are a prized deck by many and to purchase these cost a few pennies as well. So far this is the best deck I have seen or felt that is intended for advertising purposes.

This is an advertising deck from Absolut Vodka and it is completely unique from the tuck box to the faces to backs to the stock.

Typical advertising decks come on a stock similar to Aviators from Bicycle or in most cases are cheaply made plastic coated disasters just waiting to suck you in. The Absolut Deck is none of those.

Technically you could call the stock and finish a paper stock finished with plastic but the stock is unlike anything I have ever felt. It’s thin and extremely flexible yet very springy. The plastic coating feels like a premium plastic playing card.

The design is all custom as well. The tuck box is as you see above. The design is the same as the backs of the decks and as you can see is a one way design. The pips and fonts are all custom as well the court cards have all custom images – most of them holding an alcoholic beverage.

This decks springs, fans, dribbles, spreads, shuffles and yes even farrows (albeit with a little coaxing) fantastic. I can see why cardists like Dan and Dave like this deck.


BACK – 7.5/10

FACE – 8/10

FINISH – 9/10

Buy? If you can get a hold of some. They are not cheap to purchase on ebay but I guarantee that they will put smiles on your face time after time. These are not particularly good for magic due to the not so subtle one way back design. These can “absolutly” (haha get it?) be used for gaming.

I really like this deck and you will not be disappointed.

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