The Massa deck was created for the Massa Casino by Casino Playing Cards Ltd which was owned by the Michael Massa. Because they were produced independently they have a unique stock and finish.

The Massa deck is unique in stock and finish. It is similar to Bicycle stock in that it has a Linen finish (air-cushion) though there are somewhat less air-cushions present making the deck a little stickier. The stock is similar to Bicycle stock as well but a little flimsier or perhaps a tiny bit thinner.

The tuck box metallic gold on black. It has the Massa logo and the back design printed on both sides. A very simple tuck box that does not boast much about the deck inside.

The card backs are a simple lined grid of pips with a subtle one way back which if used right could be used as a marking system for magicians. Not particularly a flashy back design but it does it’s job.The ace of spades is very nice in this deck as well with a large spade pip and grid pattern behind the Massa logo. Jokers are unique as well and in full colour. The pips, fonts and court cards are pretty much standard Cartamundi design though this deck is not produced by them. It’s kind of refreshing to see this in my opinion. There are way to many custom decks out there with the typical standard Bicycle design.

The cards spring and fan pretty nicely. Springs are good as well and spreads are very even. Farrowing is a bit of a challenge with this deck in my experience and that is not typical of an air-cushion type finish.

The black borders may concern some people but that does not bother me. Yes chipping will occur but when these decks, while no longer produced, are so cheap you can afford to buy a large stock of them and not get too worried.


BACK – 4/10

FACE – 6/10

FINISH – 5/10

So where do we go from here? Well if you collect cards you can pick up this deck for a song. The only issue is that they are easily available and are not really appreciating in value. If that is not a concern go for it. These cards would work great for cardists as they are flexible and not too slippery to manage. These can be employed by magicians as well and the one way back design is subtle enough most people would not notice a reversed card.

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