One Widow–#01

Thanks for sticking with me readers during a short hiatus. My job has been keeping me very busy. Now back to work!!!

In my search for playing cards to add to my collection I have found many unique decks but many come from the main five online magic companies with a few exceptions. Here we have one of the exceptions. The 01 deck from One Widow. Disclosure – These decks were sent to me for review from One Widow but I assure you both decks that I have will be reviewed on the up and up.

The deck is unique from others that I have seen with a completely separate style of it’s own.  Their inspiration, as posted on their website, seems to have derived from the traditional diamond back design seen on many casino decks like Bees and so on.  Also completely different than a lot of custom decks lately these were designed in Canada and printed in Canada which to a Canadian writer is pretty fantastic. Alright enough gushing lets get in to the review.

The tuck box is not the standard USPCC style where it opens from the top. This tuck box opens from the side. This is fantastic as I find it easier to remove the cards from their pack this way. The tuck box is rather simple. You can see the back design on both of the main faces and on one side the companies name is written. Nowhere does it mention what deck it is and there is no, dare I say, tacky Bicycle logo. That’s a rant for another time. Moving on…

Opening the box we are treated to a large flap which I always find a nice touch though in this case you do have to bend it a bit to get it to open and shut. Not a big deal just something different.

Pulling out the cards you are treated to the same sort of off centre diamond back design which in my opinion is very unique and nice to look at. The grid is continued on the faces of the cards and this is where things get really interesting. All the pips and lettering are done by filling in the grid cells. This makes everything very angular but still everything is legible. The court cards are a treat as well with their unique angular look. The deck also comes with two fantastic jokers and one unmarked card (replacement card) and an ad card for one widow. Over all I like the design.

The stock and finish are something I have never quite felt before. The stock feels similar in many ways to the Massa deck and has a similar air-cushion type design. The feel is similar to an Anglo deck in comparison. They stiffness is also similar to the Massa deck. Many people compare the Massa to a cheap set of souvenir decks but I have yet to find a many souvenir decks that can even compare to a Bee or Bicycle in quality which these and the One Widow cards do.

The cards fan and spread quite nicely. They also spring very well. The stock itself is not very “springy” but one that know how to handle cards will get these cards to comply. They farrow, but not as nicely as a regular Bicycle deck I find. They do shuffle well and dealing is good as well as they don’t float all over the place like I have found with some decks.


BACK – 8/10

FACE – 7/10

FINISH – 6/10

So? I do really like this deck. No much to say for flaws. I would say it’s a deck focused really on cardistry and the collector. They really can’t be used for magic as the cards are immediately recognizable and for gaming I don’t think they would be legible enough for say poker (at least when it comes down to the court cards). If this intrigues you pick some up. They aren’t the cheapest but I can guarantee you they are unique.

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