So this is my second review on a deck from One Widow playing cards. Another disclosure as noted on the previous. These were sent to me for review by One Widow.

The #02 deck is similar in many ways to the #01. Really what has changed is just the design. The physical properties of this deck are identical to the other.

The box has a preview of the back design which sort of reminds me of a black and white eclipse. The horizon on the circle is outlined in pips of all the suits which sort of make it look radiant.

Pulling out the cards you find the backs are completely black except for the sort of sun in the middle surrounded by the various pips. Like the previous deck it is a one way design.

The faces continue the same sort of theme but instead of using say 3 club pips on the three of clubs they us the number 3. This is unique as I have not seen this done before on a regular deck of cards. To be honest I am not a huge fan of this but the theme is well carried out and fits the deck.

This deck comes with a full deck of poker cards, a replacement card, two jokers which resemble a clowns face zoomed in on and a preview of the #03 deck of cards. A nicely put together set.

Again stock and feel is very similar to the Massa and Anglo decks. Not terribly springy but they spread and deal nicely. Fanning is good as well but you aren’t rewarded with a cool design as the decks are black and the design is mainly centred on the card.


BACK – 5/10

FACE – 5/10

FINISH – 6/10

What’s the deal? These are a good quality set of cards but are not my favourite. To be honest I think One Widow released their best deck first so far. I really liked the #01 deck’s design. While this one is unique it doesn’t really stand out. On the plus side it can be used for gaming which is always nice. Cardists may be able to get something out of this for flourishes but magicians may want to skip this one. If you like the look you pick one up!

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