Golden Bee


In what now seems to be asian tradition yet another custom Bee deck has been released to Asia. This are printed by the USPCC and are on their standard Bee stock and finish.


This is one of the first decks that completely caught me off guard. I was very excited when these were released. The images provided made the blue and gold on the tuck box and on the cards look fantastic.

The tuck box is really similar to a standard bee in design except for the fact that it is all blue and the ink used on the tuck box is metallic gold. A good looking box to be sure.


As I took the cellophane off the box I was getting more excited. A metallic gold and blue backed Bee deck. Yes sir! Except not. I was completely let down by the back of these cards. A regular mistake in putting gold on cards is making it look to green. This happens semi-regularly but is usually caught before the deck is mass produced. This decks gold is almost green and not metallic at all like the pictures lead you to believe.

The faces are basically standard with some changes to the pips. Nothing spectacular here. This deck does come with two full size Bee jokers.

The stock is Bee stock and finish as I said before and they handle as such, good. Nothing really special there.


BACK – 4/10

FACE – 4/10

FINISH – 6/10

So? Well I was completely let down by this deck. I honestly think for the price it’s not worth it. Collectors may still want it but mine have already been sent on their way. Cardists and magicians can use this deck with no issue. If you like them check them out but I cannot recommend them.

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