Purple LTD (And Blue)


As per usual this time of year all of the big card companies ramp up on their releases for the year. All of the big companies have releases and this one is early from Ellusionist. The Purple LTD.

Ellusionist released this along with a promotion. Every brick purchased seperately would get a brand new Red and White LTD as well (review to come). For those of you out there that are not familiar the original red LTD deck released by Ellusionist is a rare deck only released in promotions and are expensive to buy on their own. There are now four in the series as the red was followed by an unlimited blue deck (which I have not reviewed yet) and then this purple and the limited red and white.

Ellusionist has had several releases lately and this is just the latest in the chain. Most of their releases have been colour changes of previous decks. For some people this is a problem. I don’t mind this too much though it does make it hard for others to get rarer decks. I guess that’s what Ebay is for.


There is not a whole lot new about this deck. It has the performance coating from USPCC which comes standard on most Ellusionist decks. They handle great and look great as well. I really like the LTD decks.

If you have seen the red LTD it is the same as the purple edition just with a different colour on the accent places. These fan, spread and shuffle quite nicely as do most Ellusionist decks.


BACK – 7/10

FACE – 7/10

FINISH – 8/10

So? The purple LTD decks are unlimited so pick some up when you have a chance. In fact that goes for the blue LTD’s as well. They handle great and are good for cardists, magicians and gamers alike.

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