One Widow–The interview


As I promised I would have an interview with the creators of the One Widow playing cards. These guys are great and were really open about the inner workings of things there. I really appreciate Jared and Matt’s time in sending me some answers.  The Q & A is after the break!


First of all what and who is One Widow? You not only have playing cards but you also have an app.

one widow is all about an obsession for playing cards. An infatuation which includes things like, how a tuck box sounds when you open it, to how a single card feels in your hand and looks as you deal it across a table. An addiction were it doesn’t matter if playing cards are real or digital. You can’t stop playing. You don’t want to stop playing – with friends, online, by yourself. As two playing card fanatics go, myself (I’m Matt – hi) and Jared decided we could either run for the hills, dispose of all our material possessions and live off air for the rest of lives – the cold turkey route. Or, we could start a playing card company named after a dead kings wife, drink bourbon, play poker and strut our stuff with the odd flair of cardistry. In short, we didn’t need to flip a coin.

What got you in to producing your own line of playing cards?

It’s a combination of a few things. Firstly, lots of companies/designers have done amazing back designs for cards but not many have dared to touch the fronts. And all the fronts, not just the court cards. We always felt slightly disappointed when a deck was advertised as being different but when you got the thing in your hands it turned out to be just like a regular deck except with an photoshop effect and new back design.

We also wanted to design and produce a range of cards that were smart – not just fluff or design for the sake of design. All our decks are born from an idea and these ideas came from either insights into the way people play cards or the elements that make up playing cards.

We like different, we like challenging the norm and we don’t like to be disappointed. And we didn’t think we were alone so we thought we should do something about it. So we did.

Do you have a favourite deck?

Matt – Ha, the impossible question. For me it keeps changing. I’ll latch on to an element of one for a while which swings the vote but then something will make me change my mind and switch my decision. Right now it’s deck #03 because I’m nerding out over the chopped off bits of type making the tiger stripe pattern on the back. I like typography and tigers… what can I say!

Jared – I’d have to say deck #01 is my favourite one widow card deck. I particularly like the card back design with all the small details and it just looks great in your hand. I am collecting a few other decks as well and really like the amount of creativity and designs that are out there. Illustrated decks like the Sherlock Holmes deck by Jackson Robinson stand out to me.

If I can ask, who do you use to print the cards? I noticed that they are printed in Canada on top of being designed here.

Ya, absolutely. We use PDI (Graphica Inc.) in Quebec.

My mom sees all the cards I get and when she saw Deck 01 she almost flipped she liked it so much. I think my review shows how much I liked it as well. Did you think you would get that kind of reaction from that deck?

We love your Mum. And yes, your review does show that and we love you too. As far as reactions go for our decks, #01 seems to have a love hate relationship with people. When asked why, no one has been able to put their finger on it, so we’re unsure what divides it into these two camps. We’re stoked you’re digging it though. We love the classic yet futuristic mash-up it does.

Are there any projects coming that we should know about?

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2014. We’ll be launching a new deck through as well as making some sweet updates to our app – one of which includes making it available for Android phones. We also have some new app games in the pipeline too but we’re keeping these under wraps for now. We can say though, if you’re liking what we’re doing already we promise you wont be disappointed.

Thanks again to Jared and Matt for answering some question about One Widow.  That’s all for now folks!

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