Plenty More to Come


So here we are again. I’ve made some posts and I hope you enjoyed them. There are so many decks I have to review and so little time to do so. I have more to come including the Infinity Edition Alienink deck, Density, Bad Robot (mystery deck), Deckstarter, Hi My Name is Mark, Smoke and Mirrors private reserve. I could go on but there really are too many.

Let me know what you would like to see first and I will do my best to oblige the next time I get some more reviews up.

Gold Artifice by Ellusionist


Designed by Ellusionist as the pinnacle of the Artifice collection and is only available to Black Club members. They are produced by the USPCC. This is going to be a short review as it feels I have reviewed these before many times.

Design-wise there isn’t much to say. Where other decks have been green, blue, purple and so on this deck is gold. They handle the same as the previous decks, which is good. The tuck box has a sort of matte finish on the black and the other details are all gold foil.

The only real issue I take with this deck is the fact there is no gold colouring to the jokers. I feel Ellusionist missed a huge opportunity here especially since the deck is as limited as it is.


BACK – 6/10
FACE – 5/10
FINISH – 8/10

So? The performance coating makes for a slippery finish which is nice for performers sometimes but I find it distracting. At least it is a Bicycle stock. They missed the boat on the jokers and that hurts the score a bit. I do like the deck overall and have the maximum seven that can be ordered in my collection. I don’t expect these to appreciate in value though. I think people are sick of the Artifice deck at this point.

Federal 52 Collection by Kings Wild Project


If you have not heard of this collection you probably have not been part of the card collecting or magic community for long. The decks in this collection have awed many a person and commanded a hefty sum in the aftermarket. The successful Kickstarter campaign led to one of the most beautiful collections ever created and inspired by currency.

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