Fanangled by Tunnelbravo


This is another successful Kickstarter project for playing cards. I was happy to see these get funded. The original attempt was not successful. Printed by the USPCC on Bicycle stock with an air cushion finish.



This is a great deck of cards. The Tuck is simple with a sort of Spiro graph design in the background behind the title of the cards and the back design is present on the back of the tuck. A custom seal holds the tuck closed.

The pips and courts are all custom which is nice employing a sort of geometrical design. As is standard nowadays the deck comes with a double backer but what is nice is the designer included a card with all the backers written on it.

They handle great. Spreads, fans and shuffling are done very well as is to be expected from a USPCC produced deck.


BACK – 6.5/10
FACE – 7/10
FINISH – 8/10

So? The deck looks and feels fantastic. If you can get a hold of these on the aftermarket I would. Collectors should be jumping for some of these. Cardists may enjoy them but magicians should steer clear.

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