Kingdoms of a New World – Mortensen Games

35ba39d75a51e8ffaf8b97aefd6b1970_originalThis is a deck funded on Kickstarter that took forever to arrive. Was it worth the wait? Let’s check them out!

The Kingdoms of a New World playing cards were created by Nathanael Mortensen and Jonas Akerlund. They have since created a few other decks all funded through Kickstarter. The decks feature a unique steampunk meets fantasy meets ancient Japanese sort of quality. It’s very different and when I saw it on Kickstarter I knew I found something unique. I want to apologize for using stock photos from Kickstarter. My camera went camera shy on me.

The less limited decks were printed in blue and red and a limited edition was printed in black and gold. The tuck boxes have Bicycle written on them and a neat sorta spade pip with odd shaped structures on it. The back of the tuck features the back design in whichever colour is contained inside.

Taking the cards out of the tuck we are greeted with two extra ad cards that advertise the next deck in their anticipated Kickstarter career called Steampunk. I’m actually not sure if they funded or not but if the artwork is as unique as the artwork in this deck I think I could have been successful.


Moving those ad cards out of the way we get our first real look at the back design. This back design is what really pulled me to this deck. In fact if the faces were all standard or slightly modified Bicycle designs I would have still backed this deck. I would love to see the USPC pick up the back design at least as a deck they would release themselves. They aren’t borderless but that’s good for magicians and gamers alike as they will receive less noticeable damage throughout use. Sadly on my red deck the cut job was not done very well. The edges are smooth enough for a USPC deck but the artwork is not very well centred on the paper.

That is less obvious on the faces however. In face the art on the faces here almost make me forget this is a deck of cards. OK until I get to the regular 2 through 10 pip cards. The Ace of spades mimics the one on the tuck box. The two Jokers are just beautiful pieces of art. The rest of the Aces and court cards are the pieces to look at.


The differences between the non limited and limited edition decks comes down to the black and gold back design and a darker look in the deck on the artwork and card backgrounds.

The stock and finish feel like Bee stock and finish so nothing really special there but being Bee stock you know if they are used they will be pretty durable. They spring fine and spread very well. Shuffling is good too which is to be expected for a deck of Bee cards.

Should you pick up a set? Up to you. If you like the artwork you see the best place to find them would be on Ebay as is the case with pretty much any Kickstarter funded deck. Currently there is a full set up there for about $60 USD from Portugal but I don’t know if they are really worth that much. They are indeed a good looking deck of cards and if you can get a hand on a few of the less limited blue and red decks that’s what I would do.

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