deck One Industrial Edition – Theory11

This deck goes way back in my collecting history. This was one of the first decks I purchased and is still one of the more unique decks out there.

Deck One Industrial Edition is unique. It’s tuck is designed to give a steel like appearance. Theory11’s website claims that the tuck uses a thicker stock than their Sentinel deck’s tuck. I agree with that. It’s thicker than a standard deck tuck.


Opening the tuck we see the cards. They slide out nicely to reveal a joker on top. The image on the joker looks a lot like some kind of machinery but as to what I have no idea. The Ace mirrors the tuck in a way though the image looks the card has been cut through with a textured surface underneath. The numbered cards are all standard. The court cards are standard Bicycle in design but are textured to look older. The deck also comes with a Theory11 ad card and a double-sided card.


The stock of the cards is air-cushion and if feels a bit stiffer than standard bike stock though I honestly think it’s still bike stock. Theory11 does say on their site the deck is printed on USPC’s Casino printer so I could be Bee stock after all. The air-cushion finish is as expected. Feels good in the hand. Glides nicely and spreads and fans work great.


This is one of the few older decks you can still collect new from the source. Theory11 still has these for sale on their website. If you don’t have one in your collection go for it. The deck can be used for gaming as well since the deck is pretty standard. Pick one up if you like what you see.


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