Federal 52 2018 Edition

Jackson Robinson is a big name in custom playing cards. Every one of his decks has had incredible success and regularly sell out quickly on Kickstarter or his website.

One of his earliest releases was the Federal 52 Bicycle Branded and unbranded certificate edition decks. They all had incredibly detailed art all done by hand and were received with huge applause from the playing card collecting community. I have reviewed them before on this website. My favourite deck in that series is the undbranded Silver Certificate decks. Absolutely beautiful.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Playing Cards

Keeping on with my most recent post, today we’re taking a look at a pack of poker playing cards. And you guessed it they have a Yu-Gi-Oh! theme. I apologize in advance for a lack of pictures on this post but I don’t have anywhere to take good pictures at the moment.

I found these on Amazon and the same company that sells other themed decks as well and imagine they are all made in China just like my set of playing cards. They are designed in Canada though which is interesting.

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